Ëvoe Records & The Team

A life-story that changed our universe.



An endless passion for music, for voices,
for discovery, for people, for life.

Each recording is a whole universe captured in the recording space. From the very first moment, it’s like the very new life is born. It’s truly a miracle, and microcosmos of deepest human feelings, abilities, wishes, dreams.

Being part of it, is truly a gift that opens the door to a new dimension. When the tape is rolling, artists become a new person, opening the inner world, and sacred space, which becomes priceless, and unique, ones at the time.

Since the first Ëvoe 001 Album release, the Label received attention of international press and media, gaining thousands of followers, buying CD’s all around the Globe. We are proud that our Albums was selected as the top CD’s by The Times ,  Amadeus , Opernglas , Classic Voice , Opera Netherlands, iTunes , and many others.

Working with the best producers in Vienna,  sound engineers in Paris, distributors in London, we care that each Album is made with love, thinking of you.

Ëvoe Records -
Label for our times



Passion never die. It grows
stronger every day.

Since 2013 the label Ëvoe Records is lucky to work with passionate artists, who search for interesting ways to express their approach to life, and art.  Cooperation of the Ëvoe Team with each artist is unique. It’s adventurous, and always searching for  touch of magic, sometimes shining from the first moment, sometimes hidden deep inside.  We’re grateful, to meet you on our path.


– Ëvoe Team